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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Comment on the Annual Report of 2004 of the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China

Q: The US Congressional-Executive Commission on China recently issued its annual report of 2004. What's your comment on this?


A: The annual report by the so-called US Congressional-Executive Commission on China ignores facts and makes groundless accusations of China on human rights, religion, Tibet, Hong Kong and other issues, thus grossly interfering with China's internal affairs. We express our resolute opposition to this.


Over the past 55 years since the founding of the new China, especially since the start of its reform and opening up program, China has made significant achievements in its economic and social development. The Chinese people of all ethnic groups enjoy full human rights and basic freedoms according to laws. After Hong Kong's return to China, the guidelines of "one country two systems, Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy" and the Basic Law have been fully implemented and the stability and prosperity in Hong Kong have been maintained. This is a fact obvious to all.


We urge the US Congress and the Commission to address more their own domestic problems instead of always making irresponsible remarks on the affairs of other countries. We urge the US side to stop interfering with China's domestic affairs and take concrete measures to clear up its negative impact.

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