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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on the Kidnapping of Chinese Citizens in Sudan

Q: It's reported that some of the Chinese workers held hostage in Sudan were killed. Please confirm and share with us the details.

A: As our Embassy in Sudan was informed, by October 27, among the nine Chinese workers with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) that had been kidnapped in Sudan, four were killed, four were rescued and one went missing.

The CPC Central Committee and State Council took the abduction seriously and expressed great concern about the workers' safety. President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao made important instructions, requiring the Foreign Ministry to spare no efforts in the rescue work. The Foreign Ministry and our Embassy in Sudan have kept close contact with Sudan, worked on it through multiple channels, and exerted great efforts to rescue the abducted workers.

The Chinese Government expresses deep condolences to the four victims, and sincere sympathy to their families. We express strong indignation and condemnation over the inhumane terrorist deed of the kidnappers in killing those unarmed workers. The Foreign Ministry has directed our Embassy in Sudan and the CNPC joint working group to Sudan to continue to exert utmost efforts to rescue the missing and take care of the aftermath.

China cherishes its friendly cooperation with Sudan. We urge Sudan to continue the rescue efforts without compromising the safety of the missing, bring the murderers to justice and take every measure necessary to protect life and property of Chinese people in Sudan.

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