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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on the So-called China's "Unilateral" Development of "Tianwaitian" Oil and Gas Field

Q: Japanese Newspaper Sankei Shimbun said on January 4 that despite the principled consensus reached with Japan on the East China Sea last June, China is still conducting unilateral development of "Taiwaitian" oil and gas field, which betrays the two countries' consensus of continuous consultation on joint development in the East China Sea. Could you comment?

A: Sankei Shimbun's report is a misinterpretation of the principled consensus between China and Japan on the East China Sea. The Tianwaitian oil and gas field is located in the undisputed territorial waters under the jurisdiction of China, thus China's exploration of the field is within its inherent sovereign rights. In the consensus, the two sides have agreed to continue consultations for the early realization of joint development in "other parts of the East China Sea", not including China's undisputed territorial waters. There is no basis for raising the issue of joint development in the areas mentioned above.


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