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Urumqi Riot Not to Affect Ties with Islamic World: Chinese Envoy

BEIJING, Aug. 12 (APP): China said that it maintains “sound relationship” with Islamic countries and the July 5 riot in Xinjiang would not affect it ties with the Muslim world.“The incident won’t impose a negative impact on the relationship between China and Islamic countries,”  China’s Special Envoy to the Middle East Wu Sike said while responding to a question at a news briefing here Tuesday.

Wu appointed as Special Envoy to the Middle East in March, and has visited Russia and six nations in the Middle East between June and July.

The relationship between China and Islamic countries has a “firm foundation,” and the two sides share the views of safeguarding national unity, maintaining social stability and opposing terrorist atrocities, Wu observed.

“Any government or people will not accept the fact that a tiny number of people harboring political motives have taken extreme and atrocious violence against civilians,” said Wu.

He pointed out that “the Islamic countries, from their governments to people, have showed their understanding and support for the measures China had taken to maintain social stability”.

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