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The Embassy provide authentication/attestation for ORIGINAL documents which have been attested by the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan, Islamabad within half-year validity and which would be forwarded to China for use.

The applicant should submit:

1. Original documents and the photocopies;

2. Completely filled AUTHENTICATION/ATTESTATION APPLICATION FORM; stating clearly which documents (names of the documents) you want attestation and the reason/purpose for this attestation.

3. Photocopy of valid passport and ID card of the applicant.

4. If the original documents are in Urdu, an English/Chinese translation is required.

5. Other supporting documents as well as photocopies, e.g. non-criminal certificate/police clearance letter, tax payment receipt, chamber of commerce & industry membership certificate, etc.

6. In case of marriage affairs, unmarried certificate and consent letter from the Chinese side are also required.

CHARGE: Rs. 2500 per document for civil matters

Rs. 5000 per document for business/commercial matters

Normally attestion processing takes 5 working days,we provide emergency service and charge extra emergency fees. Pick uo the attestion same day need pay emergency fees Rs.4500 per document, pick up the attestion morrow need pay emergency fees Rs.3000 per document

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