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UEP 100MW Wind Farm Project
Special Report on CPEC Projects (Energy: Part 3)

1. Brief introduction

Pakistan Jhimpir UEP 100MW wind farm is located in Jhimpir, Thatta District, Sindh, 110km from Karachi. The total installed capacity is 100MW with the supply of 66 sets of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) of 1.5MW per set. It also includes construction of a 132KV substation and a control center.

This project is an foreign direct investment (FDI) project. It is developed by UEP Wind Power (Pvt.) Limited, an joint venture of Orient Group Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (99%) and United Energy Group Co., Ltd. (1%). China Gezhouba Group Company Limited (CGGC) is the engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contractor.

The commercial contract of this project was signed on September 11, 2015. China Development Bank provided financing of USD 252 million to the project, with the debt and equity ratio of 75%: 25%. The total construction period is 16 months with the commence date of January 27, 2016 and the completion date of May 27, 2017.

The scope of project includes: (1) civil works relevant to internal road, WTG foundation, substation, control center & office building, connection cable trench & well; (2) electrical & equipment for supply and installation in respect of wind energy step-up, transformer equipment and ancillary electrical & equipment, etc.

2. Latest progress

1) 1300m permanent road subgrade construction of the off-substation area has been completed.

2) 66 sets of WTG excavation, foundation ring installation, foundation pouring, foundation back-filling have been completed; 66 sets of box-type transformer foundation excavation, pouring and back-filling have been completed; 95% cable trench excavation has been completed, 50% cable laying has been completed and 15% cable trench back-filling has been completed.

3) The substation of this project includes four buildings, namely complex building, electric building, auxiliary building and spare-parts building. 90% electrical devices in the electric building have been equipped. 95% outdoor cable trench excavation has been completed. 50% main transformer common box bus installation has been completed and 80% embedded steel pipe in 132kv area has been completed.

4) 66 sets of WTGs and tower erection has been completed on March 13, 2017.

5) Energization was achieved in May 2017.This will be the third energy project and fifth early harvest project completed under CPEC.

3. Corporate social responsibility

The project has created job opportunities and increase income for local residents. This project has hired 850 local Pakistani staff. It adopts localized management mode by employing mainly local labor force. The project company has paid RS. 152,598,971.00 tax to Pakistan government. After being aware of drinking water difficulties of the local residents, the project management team decided to construct a well for the local village. The well was completed in May 2016, with total depth of 220m and monthly water output of 3000m³. It has greatly improved the living condition for the local residents. Moreover, the project management has donated some books to the local schools, making humble contribution to the children in the area.

(Tao Jie, CEO, China Gezhouba Group Company Limited Pakistan Branch)

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