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Scientific and Technical Cooperation Between China and Pakistan

Scientific and technical cooperation between the two countries began in 1963.


The two governments signed officially the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation on May 30, 1976 in Beijing and the first joint meeting on scientific and technical cooperation  was held in January 1977 in Islamabad.  Afterwards such a meeting was held every two years in Beijing and Islamabad in turn, and 16 meetings had been held till 2003.  In more than 30 years, 475 cooperative projects have been carried out in the fields of agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, electric power, machinery, chemical engineering, textile, nonferrous metal, medical and health service, aerospace engineering, biotechnology, computer science, automation, environment, energy, meteorology, oceanography, geology, seismology, surveying and mapping, peaceful utilization of atomic energy, information technology and policy and management of science and technology etc. Both governmental and nongovernmental cooperation is carried out in the way of information and expert exchange, personnel training and cooperative research.


Major Agreements reached in the Fields of Science and Technology: 


 I. Protocol Between the Governments of the People's Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for Scientific and Technical Cooperation in Surveying and Mapping (11-11-1988)


II. Agreement on Scientific Cooperation Between the Pakistan Science Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (10-30-1992)


III. Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific Cooperation Between Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources and the International Research & Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation, People's Republic of China (12-28-1993)


IV. Agreement on Environmental Protection Cooperation Between the National Environmental Protection Agency of the People's Republic of China and the Pakistan Environmental Protection Council of Islamic Republic of Pakistan (12-20-2001)


V. Memorandum of Understanding Between the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the Establishment of the Fund for Joint Research and Development (12-20-2001)


Agencies in Charge of Scientific and Technical Cooperation:


The Ministries of Science and Technology of both Governments are in charge of the cooperation and both have scientific attaché in its Embassies responsible for routine liaison and coordination.  The contacting details for the Scientific and Technical Section of the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad are as follows:


Science & Technology Section

Embassy of the P. R. of China

Diplomatic Enclave,

Ramna 4, Islamabad, Pakistan



Email: rqliu0166@yahoo.com.cn


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