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Keynote Address by Ambassador Sun Weidong at Inaugural Session of Seminar on the 70th Anniversary of the UN

H. E. Mr. Inam ul Haq, Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan

Ambassador Khalid Mehmood, Chairman of ISSI

Ambassador Masood Khan, Director General of ISSI

Mr. Indrika Ratwatte, Resident Coordinator of UNHCR

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

I am very pleased to attend the inaugural session of the Conference on the 70th Anniversary of the UN. I would like to thank H.E. Mr. Inam ul Haq and Mr. Indrika Ratwatte for gracing the ceremony. I would also like to thank Ambassador Masood Khan and Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad to organize this conference. My warmest welcome to all the distinguished scholars from China and Pakistan for attending this conference.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The founding of the United Nations is the epoch-making event with historic significance in the 20th century. 70 years ago, the United Nations was founded after the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War. The Charter of the United Nations laid the cornerstone of the contemporary international order and established the fundamental principles of contemporary international relations. This was a remarkable achievement of profound impact. 70 years later, we gather here at this seminar to commemorate the establishment of the UN. This is a timely, correct and important decision.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about three points: China’s role in and its contribution towards the UN; China’s points of view on the UN; China’s future plan for the development of the UN.

Now I will come to the first question: what’s China’s role and its contribution towards the United Nations? Actually, China is one of the signatory countries of the UN Charter and one of the founding members of the UN. On October 25th 1971, the UN General Assembly passed with overwhelming majority Resolution 2758 which resumed all the legitimate rights of the People's Republic of China in the UN. This opened up the new chapter of the relations between China and the UN. Since then, China has fully participated into all the UN organizations and provided 166 countries and international organizations with nearly RMB400 billion worth of assistance and dispatched over 600,000 aid workers. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has played a very constructive and responsible role in maintaining world peace and stability. China has participated in peacekeeping operations for 25 years and become a major provider of personnel and funds for peacekeeping operations, while 18 Chinese peacekeepers lost their lives in UN peacekeeping missions.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Next is the second question: what’s China’s point of views on the UN? The world is dynamically changing all the time, forcing nations and international organizations to constantly make changes too. At this important juncture, it’s important to reflect on the the way forward for the United Nations. To achieve UN’s goals of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, I think we should work together and make more efforts in the following aspects.

First, we call for partnerships in which countries treat each other equally. China believes that countries should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other. The right of each country to choose it own political system and developmental model should be respected. There should be a new vision of seeking extensive consultation and achieving win-win outcomes for all. We believe in resolving disputes and differences through dialogue and consultation, while avoiding the use of force or the threat of the use of force. In our opinion, major countries should follow the principles of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation in handling their relations. Also, China believes that big countries should treat small countries as equals, and take a right approach to justice and interests by putting justice before interests.

Secondly, we appeal to abandon Cold War mentality, and foster a new vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security. In the age of economic globalization, no country can maintain absolute security with its own effort, and no country can achieve stability out of other countries' instability. We urge the international community to give full play to the central role of the United Nations and its Security Council in ending conflict and keeping peace, and encourage seeking peaceful solution to disputes via dialogue and negotiation.

Recently, there were a number of serious terrorist attacks in some countries. Terrorism is the common enemy of all mankind. The Chinese Government firmly opposes all forms of terrorism and is determined to combat any violent terrorist activity, including the "East Turkistan Islamic Movement". We believe that, when fighting against terrorism, the international community should discard double-standard, join hands and take more concerted efforts to cope with this enemy of all the humanity.

Thirdly, we should promote open, innovative and inclusive development. The growing gap between the rich and the poor is both unsustainable and unfair. Development is meaningful only when it is inclusive and sustainable. In the world today, close to 800 million people still live in extreme poverty, nearly six million kids die before the age of five each year and nearly 60 million children are unable to go to school. We must work together to ensure that everyone has access to development and lives with dignity. The Post-2015 Development Agenda adopted this year draws up a new blueprint in this regard. I think it can be a new starting point to work out a course of equitable development that benefits all countries.

Fourthly, we appeal to increase inter-civilization exchanges to promote harmony, inclusiveness and respect for differences. Each civilization represents the unique vision and contribution of its people, and no civilization is superior to others. Only through mutual respect, mutual learning and harmonious coexistence can the world maintain its diversity and thrive.

Fifthly, we urge the international community to build an ecosystem that puts mother nature and green development first. Mankind may utilize nature and even try to transform it. But we are after all a part of nature. We should care for nature and not place ourselves above it. It is time we reconcile industrial development with nature and pursue harmony between man and nature to achieve sustainable development of the world and the all-round development of mankind.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Here is the third question: China’s future plan for the development of the UN. As a responsible member of the UN and the international community, China is ready to make more contribution to the world peace and development. While attending the series of UN summits in New York in September, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a number of important announcements regarding promoting world peace and development. Just to name a few:

China will join the new UN Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System and build a peacekeeping standby force of 8,000 troops. China will provide free military aid of US$100 million to the African Union to support the building of the African Standby Force.

China will establish assistance fund for South-South cooperation, with an initial pledge of US$2 billion in support of developing countries' implementation of the post-2015 development agenda. China will continue to increase investment in the Least Developed Countries, and exempt the debt of the outstanding intergovernmental interest-free loans due by the end of 2015 owed by relevant Least Developed Countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing countries.

As the United Nations enters a new decade, we should renew our commitment to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, build a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, and create a community of shared future for mankind. China will continue to give its full support to United Nations in carrying out its mandate. I fully believe that a peaceful, developing and prosperous China will make more contribution to the great cause of the UN.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Pakistan is an important member of the United Nations. Pakistan’s consistent and leading contribution to UN peacekeeping is a testament to its abiding commitment to global peace. Naturally, the brotherhood of China and Pakistan is also demonstrated in the UN. The permanent missions of both countries in New York, Geneva and Vienna are closely coordinated and backing each other, reflecting the all-weather strategic partnership between the two.

The participants of the conference from both China and Pakistan are very impressive. I hope you can have an in-depth and extensive discussion, and come up with visionary and constructive ideas and initiatives for the future development of the UN.

I thank the efforts made by our host and sincerely wish the Conference a full success! Thank you.

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