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China-Pakistan Brotherhood:Higher Than the Towering Mountains

----Remarks by Ambassador Sun Weidong at the Launching Ceremony of Urdu-Chinese Bilingual Poetry Book Pak-Cheen Dosti

(10:00am, December 4, 2015, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Honorable Sartaj Aziz, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs

Honorable Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Foreign Secretary of Pakistan

Honorable Dr. Kahlid Abbas, the auther of this book

Honorable Mr. Zhang Shixuan, the translator of this book

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good Morning!

I am pleased to attend the launching ceremony of the Urdu-Chinese bilingual poetry book “Pak-Cheen Dosti” along with Hon. Sartaj Aziz and other Pakistani friends. Congratulations on the launching of this book!

A piece of ancient Chinese poem goes that “I shall reach the summit and enjoy all mountains in a single glance”. This is an appropriate description of China-Pakistan relationship. The all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan is based on mutual trust and support. We have been sincere friends through both smooth and hard times. Our friendship is an example for the state-to-state friendly exchanges. Now, China-Pakistan brotherhood has reached the summit of the towering Mount Thai and Karakorum. Such friendship is truly unique.

Confucius once said, “the happiness of the benevolent lies in mountains”. Mountains are always calm and stable. This is the reason why people love them. Despite changes in the domestic and international situation, China and Pakistan have always extended understanding and support to each other on issues concerning our respective core interests. Our benevolent people hold the China-Pakistan friendship high because it is solid and reliable, always standing and lasting, just like the mountains. The Pakistani people say that China-Pakistan friendship is higher than mountains. This word is by no means a metaphor. The Karakorum highway, known as the road of China-Pakistan friendship, stretches over the lofty mountains and connects China and Pakistan together, showcasing the height of China-Pakistan pragmatic cooperation.

I clearly remember that Dr. Abbas was invited to Chinese Embassy and introduced this poetry book to me during our meeting. Dr Abbas praised China with beautiful language and lauded our friendship.I was deeply moved at that time. There is a poem entitled "bayibayi" (English:China and Pakistan are brothers) goes: "Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, how noble they are, praying for peace of the world, wholehearted, using their blood to make the history, Pakistanis, Chinese, bayibayi". Dr Abbas read it in Urdu and I read the poem in Chinese, together to cherish the great founders of China-Pakistan friendship. That scene still echoes in my mind. It is very unforgettable.

Last week, the book You and Us, Stories of China and Pakistan was successfully launched in Islamabad. It tells the stories of China-Pakistan friendly exchanges and reflects the deep affection between our two peoples. Today, the poetry book Pak-Cheen Dosti applauds our friendship by using Urdu and Chinese poems. The sincerity and friendliness expressed by these poems are from the bottom of the hearts of our two peoples. It will be another precious gift for the Year of China-Pakistan Friendly Exchanges.

I hope these stories and poems could be widely spread among our two peoples. They will consolidate China-Pakistan traditional friendship as well as bring positive energy and write a new chapter for our relations.

May I wish China-Pakistan friendship be passed down from generation to generation! Thank you!

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