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Remarks by Ambassador Sun Weidong at 2016 Happy Chinese New Year Performance

(January 27,2016, 17:00,PNCA)

Honorable Murtaza Javed Abbasi, Acting Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan,

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,

Good afternoon!

Welcome to Pakistan National Council of Arts to enjoy the 2016 Happy Chinese New Year Performance. I want to thank Acting Speaker Abbasi for gracing this event. The visiting China National Theatre for Children brought its classic stage drama “Three Monks”. I would like to warmly welcome the Chinese artists from afar.

Today’s performance is adapted from a Chinese fable story, a children’s story. Every one of us has a childhood full of laughter and happiness. The artists today will unfold this interesting story through body languages, which will reminds us of the most beautiful and unforgettable period of time. Perhaps the only Chinese word that you need to learn is “Shi Fu”. It means “master” in English. Actually, all of those artists from China National Theatre for Children are masters in Chinese playdom. I believe their wonderful performance will bring joy and happiness to all the friends, no matter old or young.

Today’s performance tells such a story that “One boy is a boy;two boys half boy;three boys no boy”. This story is well-known in China. The story is simple, yet it has the philosophy of unity and cooperation. It also reflects the sincerity among people and harmony between man and nature. The performance integrates traditional Chinese opera, martial arts and many other classic elements of Chinese culture. This will certainly make you feel the charm of Chinese culture.

Today’s performance is the highlight of 2016 Happy Chinese New Year activities, and also an important part of China-Pakistan cultural exchanges. As we all know, art is a window, through which we could better understand the history and culture of a nation. Cultural exchanges are the bonds to bring the hearts of our two peoples much closer. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan and today’s performance will unveil the prelude of the series of cultural exchanges of this year. I sincerely hope that, through the joint efforts of both sides, our all-round cooperation and the enduring "iron brotherhood" friendship will be greatly enhanced. Our dream of building a community of shared destiny is bound to come true!

May I wish the performance a great success! Wish everyone have a good time tonight!

Thank you!

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