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Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong called on former President Zardari

On March 7th ,2017, Ambassador Sun Weidong called on former President of Pakistan and President Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians Asif Ali Zardari. They exchanged views on China-Pakistan relations as well as other topics of common interest.

Zardari said, China is a true friend of Pakistan. China made selfless contribution to the stability and development of Pakistan. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) will benefit Pakistan, and provide a historic opportunity for the development of Pakistan. PPP will continue to firmly support China on issues concerning China’s core interests. PPP hopes the cooperation of two sides and the construction of CPEC will bring more benefits to Pakistan.

Ambassador Sun said, PPP and Bhutto Family have long adhered to a friendly policy to China. During his presidency, Mr. Zardari made great contributions to China-Pakistan relations. China is willing to work together with PPP and Pakistan all circles to further deepen the traditional friendship between the two countries, promote the construction of CPEC , achieve mutually benefit and win-win, jointly promote the regional peace and stablility.

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