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Remarks At the See-off Function for Pakistani Students and Teachers to Beijing Summer Camp

(July 13, 2017)

Your Excellency Madam Zahra Fatami, Honorable Member of National Assembly,

Distinguished teachers, students and representatives of parents,

Dear friends from Chinese and Pakistani media,

Aslam Alegum!

Welcome to the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. We gather here to see off 20 students and teachers to Beijing this evening, to participate the 10-day 2017 International Students Summer Camp. This Camp is sponsored by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education(BMCE). The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan sponsored the Pakistani participants, in collaboration with BMCE, Beijing International Education Exchange Center. Madam Diana Bao, wife of Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong has made a lot of personal contribution to make this project possible. It is a regret that she is not here today. So she entrusted me to host this See-off Function on behalf of her.

I have just gone through quickly the program of this year’s Summer Camp. You will visit the famous Tian’an men Square, Forbidden City, Great Wall, taste Beijing roast ducks, try Chinese Calligraphy and traditional painting, Beijing Opera Facial Masks, Paper-Cutting and braiding Chinese knots. Of course there is a must go program of watching and experiencing the most popular Chinese Martial Arts. Such colorful program makes me eager to join, but I think Ambassador Sun Weidong will not allowed that to happen.

Just now, the very touching speech of Miss Marriam and the PPT shown here brought us back vividly to last year’s Summer Camp. We could feel that this camp has left her and all participants from Pakistan with a sweet and cherished memory.

To most of the Pakistani participants this year, it is your first visit to the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, and also your first visit to China. Here, the Embassy will give you the very first touch of China and China-Pakistan friendship. Before you leave for China, I would like to teach you one Chinese words, that is “Zhong Ba You Yi Wan Sui” (Long live China-Pakistan friendship). It will help you to make Chinese friends very quickly.

In Pakistan, the Pakistani friends always tell us that China-Pakistan friendship is “higher than mountain, deeper than sea, sweeter than honey”. In China, we call Pakistan “ Iron brother”. For years, China-Pakistan friendship are time-tested, withstand the difference in region, culture, ideology, and grow from strength to strength.

In 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a historic state visit to Pakistan. His visit ushered China-Pakistan relations into a new stage of grand and vigorous development. Both leaders agreed to uplift the bilateral relations to all-weather strategic cooperation partnership, which is unique in China’s foreign relations. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has been progressing comprehensively and entered into the stage of early harvest. It has become the flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative, and brought profound substance to China-Pakistan relationship.

It is the common responsibility of the people of two countries to pass on our friendship. What we need to do is to grow China-Pakistan friendship in the hearts of young generations, input new energy into China-Pakistan bilateral cooperation. This is why the Chinese Embassy is keen to organize different kinds of cultural exchanges especially exchanges of the young people. We hope to make more bridges for the betterment of understanding and friendship among our two peoples.

The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan had organized the Summer Camp program for Pakistani students and teachers for past 4 years, with a total participation of 83 people. This year, we invited 17 students and 3 teachers, which are from Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University, Hazara School, the City School and Islamabad Model College for Boys.

Most of them are from remote areas of Punjab and KPK, instead of from big cities as Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. It is our hope to give them a fair chance to know the development and culture of China, to exchange with students from other countries in the world, and to promote culture sensitiveness and the spirit mutual understanding and respect.

Now, I wish all the students and teachers for 2017 Beijing Summer Camp a happy visit in Beijing. Please share with us your footprint and ideas in China lively by Tweeter, Facebook. The weather is hot in Beijing, please take good care of yourself and have a safe journey.

Last but not least, I hope that all the participants of the Beijing Summer Camp keep your friendship growing with the Embassy and your Chinese friends, be Ambassadors of Friendship for the exchanges and cooperation between young generation of China and Pakistan.

Chin Pak Dosdi Zindabad!


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