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Ambassador Yao Jing Paid a Visit to Quetta, Balochistan

On May 22nd and 23rd, Ambassador Yao Jing, visited Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan, and met with Governor Muhammad Khan Achakzai, Chief Minister Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo and Commander of Southern Command, Lieutenant General Qamar Javed Bajwa. He also paid a visit to Balochistan University and Quetta Civil Hospital.

Governor Balochistan Achakzai said that Pakistan-China relations have a long history, and the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor provides new opportunities for the development of Pakistan and Balochistan. Thanks to the full support of China, the construction of Gwadar Port is progressing and will become the most important port in Pakistan and the region. Adjacent to Afghanistan and Iran, Balochistan has close contacts with those two countries and enjoys obvious advantages in location. Balochistan firmly supports the development of the Pakistan-China relations and is willing to take the CPEC as an opportunity to continuously deepen pragmatic cooperation with countries in the neighboring region, work together to achieve common development, benefit the people, and make contributions to the peace and development of the region.

Chief Minister Bizenjo said that thanks to the brotherly relations between Pakistan and China, the people of Balochistan firmly support the CPEC construction. They will continue to support and promote the development of Gwadar port . It is hoped that China could increase its investments in Balochistan to further deepen cooperation in the fields of transportation infrastructure, agriculture and human resources training, and support the local livelihood projects like dam construction and irrigation, so as to further stimulate the economic potentials of Balochistan.

General Bajwa said that Pakistan and China are all-weather strategic partners and the CPEC construction will further help Pakistan improve its economic development and people's livelihood. The Southern Command and himself give wholehearted support for CPEC construction and will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of projects such as Gwadar port. The Southern Command expects to further enhance cooperation with China, explore the extension of the CPEC to the third party, and actively develop cooperation in the fields of people's livelihood, education, and agriculture, so as to promote the peace and prosperity of Balochistan and the region.

Ambassador Yao stated that as the largest province of Pakistan, Balochistan is important to China-Pakistan cooperation and it is of great significance to the connectivity of the CPEC and the region. During his visit to Pakistan in 2015, President Xi Jinping emphasized that "In the CPEC planning and layout, it is necessary to take into consideration the various regions of Pakistan, so that the fruits of development will benefit all the people from Pakistan and those from neighboring countries in the region." China would like to strengthen cooperation with Balochistan to jointly promote the construction of Gwadar Port and other CPEC projects, explore ways to deepen the pragmatic cooperation among China, Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as the extension and opening of CPEC to the third Party supported by Balochistan, so as to promote the common development of the region. Ambassador Yao appreciated the Southern Command for the security it had provided for the Corridor project and commended its contribution in combating terrorism and violent extremism. He expressed willingness to maintain close exchanges with the Pakistani military, including the Southern Command, to give full play to their respective strengths, collaboratively work for development and security, and promote regional peace and prosperity.

Ambassador Yao also listened to suggestions from the Balochistan University and the Quetta Civil Hospital on both sides’ cooperation in education and medical fields. He expressedthat China attaches great importance to China-Pakistan friendship and people to people cooperation. China is willing to further its support and assistance for local livelihood projects within its capacity.

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