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Ambassador Yao Jing Held Media Briefing for SCO Qingdao Summit

On 29th May, Ambassador Yao Jing held a media briefing at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan on the prepartion for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) Qingdao Summit and China’s perspective with mainstream Pakistani media. Representatives from Daily Jang, The News, Nawa-e-Waqt, The Nation attended the meeting.

Ambassador Yao said that the SCO Qingdao Summit will be held from June 9 to 10. This summit will be the first summit since SCO’s expansion and the second major home-field diplomatic activity held in China this year. President Xi Jinping will attend this summit to discuss international cooperation with state leaders from other 7 member countries and 4 non-member observer countries and leaders from international organizations such as the United Nations. In addition, President Xi will exchange in-depth views with all the parties about SCO’s current situation and prospects for growth, cooperation in all fields under new circumstances, and major international and regional issues. The Qigndao Declaration will be signed and issued, and more than ten cooperation documents covering security, economy, people-to-people and cultural engagement and other fields will be ratified.

Ambassador Yao said at the briefing, since China assumed the presidency over the last year, it has held more than 160 activities, which have received critical acclaim, from the starting point of carrying forward “Shanghai Spirit”, tapping member states’ potentials, promoting unity and cooperation, and jointly striving for stability and development. China expects SCO to usher in a new era for better development after the Qingdao Summit. It’s proposed that all member countries develop a consensus for a united SCO to enhance its foundation for further development. And the SCO countries should also work out new measures for common security and contribute “SCO power” to world peace. By injecting new momentum for joint development, SCO will transform its political consensus into the fruit of friendly cooperation. After mapping out the new blueprint for the joint building of our homeland, the SCO countries will further elevate the overall level of regional economic cooperation.

Yao also said China warmly welcomes Pakistan to be a new member of SCO. Recently, Pakistan has actively attended important institutional meetings and conferences of the SCO countries such as Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Defense Ministers’ Meeting, Meeting of Secretaries of Security Councils, Conference of Presidents of Supreme Courts, and Meeting of Ministers of Culture. Pakistan has made important contribution to the success of Qingdao Summit. China welcomes the Pakistani President to Qingdao Summit and is pleased to strengthen the communication and cooperation with Pakistan under the framework of SCO for its new development and success.

Pakistani journalists thanked Ambassador Yao for his detailed briefing. They firmly believed that Qingdao Summit will build fresh dynamics into the SCO and expressed their interest in following closely the summit, give a full coverage of the SCO cooperation and Qingdao Summit and share it with Pakistani people.

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