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Ambassador Yao Jing Met with Minister of Railways

On August 31st, Ambassador Yao Jing met with Minister of Railways Sheikh Rashid of Pakistan.

Minister Sheikh Rashid said, Pakistan and China enjoy such profound traditional friendship that Pakistani people have always cherished the friendly feelings towards the Chinese people. He once had the honor to meet with former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai as a student member of Pakistani delegation to China. In the new era, China has made outstanding achievements through reform and opening-up policy, and Pakistan maintains active participation in international cooperation of the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Nowadays, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has become an important pillar of Pakistan’s economy, and Pakistan’s new government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan fully supports the construction of CPEC. The Pakistani government is ready to enhance the cooperation with China in areas like railway infrastructure, and push for faster and better development in CPEC.

Ambassador Yao extended congratulations to Sheikh Rashid on taking office as Minister of Railways. He stressed that China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic cooperative partners, and generations of leaders and successive governments from two countries have placed great importance to China-Pakistan relationship. China has always been firmly supporting Pakistan in its national development. Being an important pilot project under the Belt and Road Initiative, CPEC has made significant contribution to Pakistan’s economic, social development and people’s livelihood. China appreciates the attention given by Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan’s new government to CPEC, and is ready for more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Pakistan in railway infrastructure, China is determined to expand its investment into people’s livelihood in Pakistan and give full play of CPEC’s role in promoting Pakistan’s economic and people’s livelihood development.

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