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Ambassador Yao Jing's Speech
at the Reception Celebrating 70th Anniversrary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China

Honorable President of Pakistan, His Excellency Arif Alvi and Madam,

Honorable Chairman Senate, His Excellency Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani,

Honorable Ministers, Senators, Members of National Assembly, Ambassadors,

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Today, we are gathering here to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, I would like to thank President and Madam Alvi, Chairman Senate Sanjrani, distinguished guests for gracing the reception and express my deepest respect and heartfelt appreciation to friends those from all walks of life who support China's development and China-Pakistan friendship!

70 years ago, Chairman Mao Zedong solemnly announced the founding of New China in Tiananmen Square. Since then, the Chinese people toppled the three mountains of imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat-capitalism, ended the humiliating history of being invaded and enslaved for more than 100 years. The people became the true master of the country and a historic new era of China was opened up. 70 years later, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core, all Chinese people are working untiringly along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

The past 70 years were years of glory. China has grown from impoverished, weak to the world's second largest economy. More than 800 million people have been alleviated out of poverty. We have built the world-class comprehensive modern industrial system, the world’s most extensive transportation network, the most efficient logistics network, the most complex energy transmission network and the most extensive digital information network. The people live and work in peace and harmony, the society is stable and orderly, the country is strong and prosperous, and the Chinese nation is standing in the east of the world with a high spirit.

The past 70 years were years of pioneering and innovation. China has always adhered to its own path, set up and developed socialism with Chinese characteristics, and it has fundamentally changed the future and destiny of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. Instead of copying the Western model in a simple way, the Chinese people have opened the mind, sought truth from facts. Terming it as crossed the river by graping the stones, the Chinese people adapted the market economy to socialism. We proactively enhanced the top-level design, promoted the modernization of the national governance system and capacity. Now, we are walking on a suitable and right path which is enriching the people, strengthening the country, reviving the Chinese nation.

The past 70 years were years of embracing the world. We have advocated the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, called for sovereign equality of all countries. All countries, regardless of powerful or weak, are equal members of the international community. We proposed the Belt and Road Initiative to promote regional connectivity and improve the economic development of countries along the route. We called for the establishment of a new type of international relations, the creation of the community of shared prosperity. We make positive efforts to address climate change, terrorism, and the North-South gap, which are common challenges of international community. China’s wisdom and the Chinese proposal have been widely recognized by more and more people around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Pakistan is the first Muslim country to formally establish diplomatic relations with New China. China-Pakistan relations are a banner of China's diplomacy over 70 years. It is also a model of state-to-state relations with different social systems, different historic background. In 2015, President Xi Jinping successfully paid a historic visit to Pakistan and upgraded China-Pakistan relations to an all-weather strategic cooperative partnership. The incumbent Pakistani government has been in power for more than a year. The leaders of the two countries have maintained frequent exchanges of visits. The two countries are committed to hold a community of shared future.

We are close friends in politics. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, No matter how the international landscape, regional situation and domestic situation of the two countries changed, the two sides have always trusted and supported each other firmly on each other's core interests. The traditional friendship has grown from strength to strength. China will not forget that Pakistan made significant contributions to restoring China’s legitimate seat in the United Nations and helped China to break through the diplomatic blockade of the Western countries. China always firmly supports Pakistan in safeguarding its sovereignty and territorial integrity, firmly support Pakistan to develop itself and play a more constructive role in international and regional affairs.

We are partners in development. China has become Pakistan's largest trading partner for five consecutive years, the largest source of investment for Pakistan for six consecutive years. As a pilot project of the Belt and Road Initiative, the construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor has entered a new phase of enrichment and expansion. The two sides aim at high-quality development and take the industrial cooperation, social sector cooperation as the new focus. China supports Pakistan to improve its indigenous development capabilities, increase employment and expand exports, and accelerate integration into the international industrial chain. China will provide more assistance to Pakistan in areas of people's livelihood such as agriculture, education, medical care, drinking water and employment, and bring tangible benefits to Pakistani people.

We are brothers in safety. We will maintain high-level military exchange, promote defense cooperation actively, conduct joint performances and personnel exchanges, strengthen equipment technical cooperation, and jointly manufacture "FC-17" fighters and "MBT-2000" tanks. China supports Pakistan's efforts to fight terrorism. China will continue to strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan, resolutely crack down on terrorist forces such as the “Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement” and jointly safeguard peace and stability of our two countries and the region.

We are confidants in culture. Affinity between peoples is the foundation of state-to-state relations. About 25,000 Pakistani students are currently studying in China, and more than 7,000 of them obtained various kinds of scholarships. We will provide more scholarships to Pakistani students. We are willing to take the opportunity of the 2019 China-Pakistan sister province/city forum to promote the local governments communication, strengthen local counterpart cooperation between the two countries, and expand exchanges in the fields of culture, art, archaeology, film and sports continuously. We welcome more Pakistani friends to visit China for better understanding of Chinese culture, enjoying Chinese scenery, and promoting exchanges between two civilizations.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. Unilateralism, protectionism, and bullying have risen in the international community. The existing international system is being challenged and the interests of the international community, especially the interests of the vast number of developing countries, are jeopardized. As a responsible country, China is committed to unswervingly safeguarding the UN's leading role in maintaining international peace and security; unswervingly promoting deepening reform and opening up, promoting the construction of the open economy, and promoting common development of all countries in the world; unswervingly improving global governance system and supporting the efforts of other developing countries to increase their representation and enhance their voice in international affairs. China is increasingly approaching the central stage of the world, and is more confident and more capable than ever before of making the goal of national rejuvenation a reality. China is also more capable of making greater contributions to safeguarding world peace, stability and development.

As the "Iron Brother" of China, Pakistan has always been the priority of Chinese diplomacy. I firmly believe that China and Pakistan will continue to hold high the banner of friendship and cooperation, strengthen strategic coordination, deepen pragmatic cooperation, promote the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, continuously enrich the content of all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, and jointly build a China-Pakistan community of shared prosperity in the new era, to make China-Pakistan relations always at the forefront of relations between nations!

Wish the People’s Republic of China prosperity! Long live China-Pakistan friendship!

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